Court to Question Woman Suspected of Starving Her Son

The Supreme Court rules that the review could determine how dangerous the woman is to her five children.

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the Haredi woman suspected of starving her son will undergo a welfare services review, as was recommended by the prosecutors.

Supreme Court judge Edna Arbel stated in her ruling that the review could determine how dangerous the woman is to her five children, including the son she allegedly abused.

On Friday Jerusalem's district court rejected a motion by the prosecutor's office to cancel the mother's house arrest, which she is spending in her home in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood.

The court ruled that the woman would remain in house arrest for another two weeks until August 23. Afterwards, assuming attorneys have had enough time to review evidence in the case, a hearing will take place to determine where the suspected woman will stay during the trial.

The prosecutor's office had asked the district court to cancel the house arrest on the grounds that the woman had posed a risk to her other children, and that the Mea Shearim house arrest was ineffective since social services and the police found it difficult to supervise her.

According to the prosecution, representatives had diffulty communicating with the woman, and were physically blocked from reaching her home. Some stated they were stoned by Haredi residents of the neighborhood.

Defense attorneys had asked to release the woman altogether, denying that she was at all dangerous to her other children.

Plans to indict the Jerusalem mother were announced last week, when prosecutors said they intend to indict her of starving her 3-year-old son on charges of child abuse and other serious offenses.