Court to Allow Actor Hanan Goldblatt to Take Part in Film

Goldblatt is under house arrest and has been charged with rape, promised the court only men are to take part in the film.

The Tel Aviv District Court will allow actor Hanan Goldlatt, charged with rape and currently under house arrest, to participate in the production of a new film.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Mordechai Arnon will make the film, which will be in production for half a year.

The court will also allow Goldblatt to travel to Jerusalem three times a week for filming needs. He will stay with his sister.

In his request to participate, Goldblatt called the film "educational and on the behalf of the ultra-Orthodox community" and emphasized to the court that only men will take part in its production.

The court eased last week the terms of Goldblatt's house arrest. At a physician's recommendation, Goldblatt will be allowed a daily walk in Kfar Hess, where he is confined.

Goldblatt, 64, a resident of Beit Nehamia, has been charged with rape, attempted rape, sodomy, indecent acts with minors, fraud and attempted fraud against at least five women who took acting lessons from him.