Court Tightens Terms of Anat Kamm House Arrest

Former soldier has been under house arrest since December on suspicion of handing classified military documents to Haaretz reporter.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday restricted the house arrest of Anat Kamm, the journalist and former Israel Defense Forces soldier accused of transferring classified military documents to a Haaretz reporter. She will now be under round-the-clock supervision.

Responding to a request from the state, Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia ruled that Kamm is to be confined to her Tel Aviv apartment 24 hours a day, under close constant supervision. She also ruled that Kamm must report to the nearest police station to home once a week. The court, however, rejected a request to remand Kamm in custody until the end of the legal proceedings against her, as well as Kamm's own bid to be released from house arrest.

Kamm told a court earlier this year that the documents reveal that the IDF had committed war crimes in the West Bank.

In the newly released material documenting court hearings surrounding her arrest, Kamm said that the motivation behind her removal of sensitive military material was to expose "certain aspects of the IDF's conduct in the West Bank that I thought were of interest to the public."