Court Sentences Ma'alot Man to 11 Years for Raping 70-year-old Woman

35-year-old man convicted of attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, and fraudulent gain; also gets 3-year suspended sentence.

Haifa District Court sentenced a 35-year-old Ma'alot resident to 11 years in prison Tuesday for the aggravated rape of a 70-year-old woman.

Shfadiya Simandoyev was also handed a three-year suspended sentence. In addition to aggravated rape, he was also convicted of attempted sexual assault, kidnapping, and fraudulent gain.

The defendant met the woman in 2006, when she randomly approached him and voiced complaints about her inability to get an Israeli ID card. The defendant told the woman that a friend of his worked at the Russian consulate, and that he could help her get the ID. In exchange, he received $3,000 and NIS 12,000 from the woman and her sons.

In November 2006, he lured the woman to his home, on the basis that the ID was ready. When she arrived, he raped her and tried to sexually assault her, all the while threatening her with an electric knife.

The defendant injured the woman, and threatened to "slice her" should she go to the police.

"The defendant appears to us to be a man with no conscience, who does not hesitate to fulfill his desires through deceit, fraud, and violence, while cynically taking advantage of other's dire situation," wrote the judges.

"Even to us, the defendant didn't hesitate to make false accusations against the complainant and her sons," they wrote. "This is a man from whom society should be protected, along with others like him."