Court: No House Arrest for Mother Accused in Murder of Daughter, 4

Judge: Murder charge requires Rose Pizem's mother to stay in police custody until end of legal process.

The Petah Tikva District Court on Monday ruled that Marie-Charlotte Renault will remain in police custody over charges that she murdered Rose Pizem, her 4-year-old daughter.

The court reached the decision after concluding the location that Renault's attorneys proposed she be released to house arrest was unsuitable.

"The act of killing a person or involvement in such an act as a rule obligates detention until the end of [legal] processes," the presiding judge wrote in his ruling.

He added that only in exceptional cases could the danger posed by someone accused of involvement in murder be lessened, and an alternative to police custody be considered.

Both Renault and Ronny Ron, Rose's paternal grandfather and Renault's live-in lover, have been charged with murdering the little girl.

The story became front-page news in August when police revealed that the couple from Netanya was suspected of murdering Rose because they did not want to raise her, with Rose's mother allegedly stating she was a "difficult" child.

The girl was born in Paris in 2004 to Renault, a French Jew with relatives in Israel, and Benjamin Pizem, the child of a French mother and an Israeli father. At the age of one year, Rose made her first visit to Israel. That was the first significant encounter Benjamin had ever had with his father, Ron, and the first time Marie had ever met him.

The three spent several months in Israel. At the end, Marie told Benjamin that she would not return to France with him because she had fallen in love with his father, Ron. The couple, who never married, had two children together, and eventually won custody of Rose as well after a lengthy court battle.