Court Indicts Man in Rat-poison Murder of His Father

Suspect allegedly force-fed his father rat poison during dispute over his inheritance.

A Nazareth court on Monday indicted a 55-year-old man accused of murdering his 82-year-old father with rat poison.

The suspect is accused of shoving two bags of rat poison down his father's throat, murdering him in his home in the Bukata village in the Golan Heights.

The indictment alleges that the man murdered his father over a dispute with him over a portion of the family's land he sold. According to the suspect, the sale of the land threatened his future inheritance.

According to the indictment, there has been a ten year history of ongoing father-son quarrels regarding the family. Moreover, a court recently issued a restraining order against the defendant and his family, commanding them to stay away from the grandfather's home.

Allegedly, once the defendant discovered that his father sold part of the family land two months ago, the son decided to murder his father so his inheritance would not suffer. According to the indictment, the defendant acquired two bags containing a special kind of rat poison that is banned in Israel.

The defendant allegedly waited for his father to return home, convinced him to let him in, then forced him down and rammed the open bags down his throat. The bags of rat poison blocked his windpipe, and caused him to choke. Afterward, he allegedly left his father in the room and went to run errands.

Four hours following the murder, the man went to a doctor in a health clinic and told him he found his father dead in his home. The doctor that arrived at the scene noticed traces of the poison in the father's mouth and immediately called the police.

The man's attorney says that "the defendant says that the accusations against him are groundless. According to him, his father came to him in his dying moments. Like the tragedy brought upon him isn't enough, now he is also accused of murder."