Court Halts Legal Procedures Against Tzahi Ya'ari

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court ordered Tuesday to stop legal procedure against Tzahi Ya'ari, accused of harassing Channel 10 news presenter Miki Heimovitch, after reviewing his psychiatric evaluation.

Judge Yael Hanig ruled that the accused was unfit to be tried. Ya'ari was unable to distinguish between good or bad and right or wrong when carrying out the acts he was charged with, Hanig ruled, and therefore lacked the mental capacity to stand trial.

Ya'ari is accused of harassing Heimovitch in hundreds of phone calls and text messages such as "I am coming to save you from your life" and "I am waiting for you after work."

Earlier during the legal process Ya'ari had admitted to the charges. Hanig ruled that he will be hospitalized and ordered to stop criminal procedures against him.