Court Extends Remand of Soldier Who Threatened to Attack Tel Aviv Gay Solidarity Rally

While in custody, Nahal Haredi soldier Shmuel Freimark confessed to making the threats Saturday.

A Jerusalem court on Sunday extended by three days the remand of an Israel Defense Forces soldier suspected of making terrorist threats against the organizers and attendees of a gay solidarity rally held in Tel Aviv Saturday.

The soldier, Shmuel Freimark, serves in the Nahal Haredi unit of the IDF. While under questioning Saturday, Freimark confessed to making the threats.

Throughout the day Saturday, operators of transportation to the rally received telephone threats, including one caller who threatened to bring grenades to the demonstration.

A similar threat was received by organizers of transportation from Haifa. Gal Zberger, who organized a Peace Now bus to take demonstrators from Haifa to Tel Aviv, said: "I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. He asked for details regarding the bus. I gave him the details and asked for his name. He said 'the one with the grenade.' I asked what he meant, and he said 'today you will get hit with grenades, not just guns.'"

An activist from the Be'er Sheva, Shai Gottler, said that earlier in the day, he got an anonymous phone call asking him when the buses were leaving for the rally. Gottler told the caller that the buses were leaving at around 6 P.M., and asked if he wanted a ride. In response, the caller said, "I want to come to the pickup point to throw grenades at you."

The police are investigating and hope to determine the source of the threatening calls.