Cops Get One Year for Seeking to Bomb Reputed Nahariya Mob Boss

The policemen were convicted of planting explosives under organized crime lord's car in northern Israel.

The Haifa District Court sentenced on Sunday four policemen to a year in prison after being charged for seeking to target a reputed crime family in the northern town of Nahariya with a series of bomb attacks.

The presiding Judge said the policemen should receive a three-year jail sentence as well as a one-year suspended sentence, but two judges also on the bench supported the one-year sentence.

Policemen Rami Musa, Yaniv Ashur, Eldad Hadad and Yossi Levi were convicted last month of planting explosives under a car belonging to Michael Mor - the head of an organized crime syndicate in northern Israel - and at the home of his nephew, Rafi Ben Shalom.

The explosives placed at Ben Shalom's house caused damage to the building, but those placed under Mor's vehicle failed to detonate due to a technical fault.

After hearing the verdict Israeli police spokesman issued an official statement.

"Israel police will inquire into the implications of the sentence before responding to the judgment,' the police said.

In their testimony, the policemen told of the "powerlessness of the system to defend them."