Cops Convicted of Seeking to Bomb Reputed Crime Family in Nahariya

Court: Policemen planted explosives under a car belonging to alleged crime boss, at home of his nephew.

The Haifa District Court convicted four policemen on Monday of seeking to target a reputed crime family in the northern town of Nahariya with a series of bomb attacks.

The court acquitted, however, a Civil Guard volunteer who worked with the officers.

Policemen Rami Musa, Yaniv Ashur, Eldad Hadad and Yossi Levi were convicted of planting explosives under a car belonging to Michael Mor - the head of an organized crime syndicate in northern Israel - and at the home of his nephew, Rafi Ben Shalom.

The officers were suspected of having planted the devices in a bid to intimidate the crime organization, which they were investigating.

The explosives placed at Ben Shalom's house caused damage to the building, but those placed under Mor's vehicle failed to detonate due to a technical fault.

In their testimony, the policemen told of the "powerlessness of the system to defend them."

The convicted policemen refused to speak to the media following the verdict Monday, despite the fact that associates and their attorneys said the court's decision was unsurprising.

Ashur's attorney, Avital Ben Nun, said: "The court ruling did not surprise us. I believe that anyone who was present at the opening deliberations would not have been surprised.

"What was required here was a brave decision from a legal perspective, and it was clear that such a decision would not come out of this place."

Ben Nun added that her client would wait for the sentencing, but predicted an appeal was likely.