Cockatoo Stolen From Kibbutz Identifies Owner, Screeching 'Dad!'

The Taibeh police were surprised to discover the cockatoo among stolen goods when they conducted a raid.

When the Taibeh police raided on Sunday a property suspected of housing stolen goods, they were surprised to discover a white cockatoo among the plasma televisions and other equipment.

Following an investigation, police suspected that the cockatoo was "Looly," a parrot worth tens of thousands of shekels who had been stolen two weeks earlier from the "Eli's Jungle" pet shop at kibbutz Mishmar Hasharon.

Looly had been raised by the owner and his relatives from the day he hatched.

Indeed, when the store's owner, Eli Tamam, arrived with his daughter at the police station, the cockatoo immediately recognized them, jumped toward the girl and called out "'Dad,' 'dad'" to Eli, while clinging to the girl's shoulder and refusing to let go.

The raid was carried out as part of an initiative by the Taibeh police, under the authority of Commander Gil Rotem, and with the assistance of the Border Police. Police suspect the equipment had been stolen in recent weeks by a gang of burglars that had been operating in the Sharon region.

Once the policemen discovered the cockatoo, they hurried to contact Tamam, who had complained two weeks earlier about break-ins in which five rare parrots were stolen.

"The moment we arrived at the station and the cop opened the door, the cockatoo yelled at me, 'Dad, dad' and ran in the direction of my daughter, climbed on her shoulder and started kissing her," Tamam said. "It was like a very successful line-up."