Cargo Company Suspected of Stealing Equipment From Competitor at Ben-Gurion Airport

Executives from Swissport taken into questioning in order to determine details of alleged theft.

Police suspect shipping company stole equipment from competitor at BG airport

Police suspect a shipping company at Ben-Gurion Airport stole hundreds of thousands of shekels worth of equipment from a competing firm at the airport.

On Friday, Ben-Gurion police infiltrated a facility belonging to cargo firm "Swissport", and seized equipment that they believe was stolen from competitor "Maman".

Executives at Swissport were taken into questioning by police shortly thereafter.

The equipment in question includes platforms for loading cargo into planes, each one worth around 600 Euros. When police entered the Swissport storehouse, they reportedly found 120 platforms, with several showing signs that someone had tried to remove the MMN logo from them.