Cabinet Secretary: Haredim Torpedoing State Conversion System

Cabinet secretary warns that the Rabbis' next step will be a complete take-over of the conversion system

Cabinet secretary Oved Yehezkel on Wednesday blasted ultra-Orthodox rabbis for torpedoing Israel's conversion system.

Yehezkel charged that the Rabbis, who set the laws regarding the conversion process, are hindering the system for purely political reasons.

He said this was making the system nearly impossible to maintain.

Yehezkel, who was appointed by the Prime Minister to head the governmental conversion system, made the comments statement during the Jewish Agency's Board of Governors convention.

Furthermore, Yehezkel lamented the treatment of some 300,000 immigrants to Israel who had been promised conversion upon arrival.

"This group of people has been completely abandoned," he said. "The conversion system, which is monopolized by a group of extremist ultra-orthodox rabbis, does not convert anyone. They make it extremely difficult by using Halacha bureaucracy."