Burglars Steal Weapons From Police Station in North

This is the third time robbers succeed to break-in to police station and get away with weapons supply.

Burglars broke into a police station in northern Israel, stealing some of its weapons and ammunition, police reported Tuesday after Acre Magistrate court partially lifted a gag order on the case.

This is the third time burglars have succeeded to break-in and steal weapons supplies from police stations in Israel this year.

Deputy police commissioner, Major General Ilan Franco, ordered the establishment of a special investigation committee to clarify the facts and circumstances pertaining to the event.

The committee is expected to present its initial findings to the Maj. General in the next few days.

Two weeks ago police arrested a border guard and five civilians on suspicion of stealing weapons from Israel Border Police base in the north of the country, in order to sell them to criminals.

In January, police arrested two men from Rishon Letzion after a cache of semi-automatic firearms was found near Taibeh in the center of the country.