Boy, 7, Crushed to Death by Boulder in Galilee Town

Police investigating suspicions of negligence by contractor who built the project, saying he didn't safely confine the boulders.

A 7-year-old boy was killed Tuesday morning after he was crushed to death by a boulder near his home in the Galilee town of Or Haganoz.

Initial police investigations have found that the child was near a rock garden that was set up during the construction of the town, when a boulder broke free from its moorings and fell on the child, killing him.

After the boy was crushed, the other children reportedly called a neighbor to help, but the man was not able to move the boulder alone. It eventually took five adults to move the rock off the boy.

A Safed police officer who arrived at the scene and found the boy showing no signs of life called the incident, "a grave tragedy", saying it was the most difficult incident he had yet encountered.

The officer said police will investigate suspicions of negligence on the part of the contractor, who did not build safeguards to protect passersby from the boulders.