Body of One-day-old Baby Found in Be'er Sheva Dumpster

The woman suspected as the baby's mother remains hospitalized; no details reported as to her condition.

The body of a one-day-old infant was discovered Thursday inside a dumpster in the southern town of Be'er Sheva. The body was found by passersby who immediately called the police.

Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived at the scene confirmed the infant was dead. Police launched an investigation and began questioning eye-witnesses.

Earlier Thursday, a woman suspected of being the infant's mother arrived at the Soroka Hospital emergency room suffering from severe bleeding. She was taken into surgery and was immediately arrested afterwards.

The woman maintains that she did not dispose of the baby's body in a dumpster. She says in the early morning hours she felt stomach pains and adds that by the time the Magen David Adom paramedics she had called reached the house she had already suffered a miscarriage and was in the shower and unable to answer the door.

Before heading for the hospital the woman states that she left the infant girl's body in a bag, and that she does not know who threw it in the dumpster.

The woman currently remains hospitalized in the gynecology ward. Police have prohibited anyone from visiting her and the hospital staff declined to offer any details regarding her condition.

The pregnancy was kept a secret from the woman's family, and she and her husband are separated.

The woman's father told Haaretz: "She is a good girl, very dedicated to her home and to her son. There's no chance she could have done something like this. She has no signs of a pregnancy, she acted as usual. During the past month she only complained of stomach pains."

One of the eye-witnesses at the scene stated: "We went to throw out the trash when suddenly we saw a piece of cloth soaked in blood. We were curious and panicked and immediately called the police."

Mark, another witness said that "when the police arrived, the infant was inside a bucket and the umbilical cord was hanging outside of it. It was horrifying. I was very scared when I saw this."