Black Box / The Carnival Has Happened

The gay pride carnival in Jerusalem slated for the month of August was in effect already celebrated this week, in two stages, one crazier than the other. The first carnival was on Tuesday morning in the meeting room of the Knesset Interior Committee, when all kinds of bearded religious clerics wearing strange headgear, black and embroidered in gold, from the three monotheistic religions, joined together in a wondrous way to demand the cancellation of the gay pride parade in Jerusalem, the holy city.

The greatest expansion of this Purim-like event was given by the Channel 2 News (8 P.M.). There, a representative of Islam was heard stuttering in embarrassment that "among us there aren't things like that, not of this magnitude," and his remarks elicited a wave of laugher in the audience.

And the representative of the Vatican in a French or Italian accent rode in after him with typical self-righteousness (let us but remember the plague of pedophilia in the Catholic Church). And the representatives of Meretz, supporters of the parade, were no less ridiculous, when they offered King David, whose love for Jonathan was dearer to him than the love of women, as an argument in favor of holding the parade. Which sent the ultra-Orthodox representative Shraga Gafni out of his mind, and he yelled at them from the side like a crane flapping her wings in pride at her Jewishness. A scene of great gaiety.

But all this was nothing compared to the fracas on the "Politika" show, on which two minutes after the discussion of the gay pride parade began (Channel 1, Tuesday, 21:45) the participants went completely off the rails.

Menachem Ben proposed holding a parade in Jerusalem of men who like to sleep with goats and MK Nissim Ze'ev of Shas proposed holding a parade of swine on the Temple Mount, and the weird representative of Islam asserted that homosexuality is a disease and whoever feels a need to do it, should do it in secret. The two representatives of the gays - one of them the person who was stabbed and wounded by an ultra-Orthodox chap as he marched in the gay pride parade - joined in the screaming and it was not really possible to follow the arguments of any of the participants, even the enlightened ones.

Because this is the nature of a carnival: It is wild, chaotic and dripping with sweat and spit and it releases the violence that is inside everyone. On second thought, this is just one more reason why it is nevertheless worth holding the parade in Jerusalem: It will force all of those who are opposed to it to take to the streets.