Beitar Jerusalem Fans Suspected of Hurling Flare at Journalist's Home

Attack Orly Vilnai's house comes in wake of investigative report about soccer club in her TV program.

Police arrested on Tuesday four Beitar Jerusalem supporters on suspicion of hurling a flare at journalist Orly Vilnai's home.

Vilnai, the presenter of the investigative television program "Hashtulim" (The Moles), launched an investigation into a radical group of Beitar supporters, known as La Familia.

On Tuesday, Vilnai and her staff met with fans of the Jerusalem soccer club and showed them footage from the report, in which the members of the group are engaged in violent activity.

The perpetrators were filmed on a closed-circuit television system, which was installed in Vilnai's home after Keshet Productions CEO Avi Nir was assaulted some four months ago, as they were making explicit threats to her life.

Haaretz has learned that one of Vilnai's researchers penetrated the group, equipped with a secret video camera, and filmed two of its members instructing two teens how to make their way into the Israel Football Association offices in Ramat Gan and set them ablaze, as well as the smuggling of weapons into soccer fields.

"They were very militant, very violent, and kept threatening my researcher and film crew throughout the meeting," Vilnai said on Tuesday. "They told me, 'you don't know what world you're entering,' but also said they don't hit women. I said, 'at least I'm safe,' so they said, 'for now.'"

La Familia was set up in 2005 as a result of dissent among Beitar supporters as to the nature of their desired activity. Its members, who are 16 to 25 years old, attempt to give it an image of underground organization. They are associated with far-right movements, and were sometimes seen among Kahane supporters. The group's violent record led the Beitar management to disavow them.