Beit She'an Man Suspected of Killing Wife in Front of Their Kids

Suspect had lodged complaint against his wife earlier this week, complaining of domestic abuse.

A Beit She'an man was arrested early Friday on suspicion of stabbing his wife to death, in front of their children.

The man, 41, and his wife, 35, had been suffering a turbulent domestic relationship, according to neighbors and police.

Police saiod that the man had lodged a complaint against his wife earlier this week, claiming that she had been perpetuating violence in the house. A trial was underway against the wife in the Negev over unrelated allegations of violence.

A friend of the family told police that the eldest couple's seven children, 13, witnessed the murder. "He went to the upstairs neighbor and told her that his mother was hurt, and that there was blood pouring out of her nose," said the friend, Shimon Ohana.

"She called me over and I saw the woman sprawled out across the bedroom floor, her stomach and neck stabbed numerous times, lying in a pool of blood. I check for a pulse and saw that she was already dead," he said.