Be'er Sheva Police Call Off Terror Alert

Two suspects carrying suspicious bag detained for questioning; shots apparently fired during arrest.

The Israel Police raised the alert level in the southern city of Be'er Sheva on Sunday over suspicion of a terrorist infiltration. A large number of police officers, assisted by a police helicopter, scoured the city in search of the suspected terrorists.

Shortly thereafter, the police arrested two young men carrying a bag that appeared suspicious to passersby, prompting several people to report them. Shots were apparently fired in the air during the course of the arrest, which took place in the city's central bus station.

The two were detained for questioning by the Be'er Sheva police. Police sappers determined that the bag contained nothing to indicate a terror attack, and the alert was called off.

Last week, an Israel Defense Forces soldier was shot to death by another soldier at a shopping mall in Be'er Sheva. An argument broke out between the two Rahat residents, both in their 20s, when one of them pulled out his weapon and shot the other one, witnesses said.