Bank of Israel Employees, Secondary School Teachers Call Off Strikes

Both to resume negotiations on new labor agreement; Bank of Israel strike may resume if no accord reached by next Thursday.

The Bank of Israel Workers' Committee decided Thursday to end its strike and continue negotiations on a new wage agreement.

Meanwhile, the Secondary School Teachers' Association made a similar decision Thursday, halting its strike and accepting a Treasury offer to renew talks on a new labor agreement. The organization has carried out rolling strikes throughout the country over the past several weeks.

The teachers decided, however, not to resume conducting field trips and extracurricular activities. The negotiations are expected to resume at the start of next week.

In an offer to the Jerusalem District Labor Court, the Bank of Israel Workers' Committee proposed that employees would return to work until the next hearing on the matter, which is scheduled for next Thursday. In return, the court ordered that three negotiation sessions be held, with the participation of Histadrut labor federation and under the auspices of the court.

While the court approved the continuation of the strike, in accordance with certain conditions, the employees decided to halt it altogether in order to improve chances of resolving the labor dispute.

Nonetheless, should an agreement not be reached by next Thursday, the strike will resume.