Bank Leumi Official Suspected of Embezzling Throws Himself Under Train

Following an internal investigation, the bank accused the man of embezzling millions of shekels.

A Bank Leumi official threw himself under a train on Tuesday, shortly after being notified that he was suspected of embezzling funds.

During an internal investigation by Bank Leumi, it was revealed that the 62-year-old man - who had worked for many years at the bank's branch in Hadera - had allegedly embezzled millions of shekels.

On Tuesday morning, the bank's auditor for the northern district submitted a complaint against the man to police. The auditor was asked to bring evidence to back up the complaint, while the suspect was simultaneously called into the bank branch, where he was informed of the allegations against him.

The man wrote a letter to his family a short while later, then drove toward Atlit train station, where he walked toward the tracks and jumped in front of an oncoming southbound train.

Bank Leumi said afterward that its investigation had revealed irregularities in the employee's activities.

"The information was passed on as required for treatment by the relevant authorities. Bank Leumi is in contact with the family," the bank said.