Baggage Problem Causes 3-hour Delays at Ben-Gurion Airport

Baggage porters say lack of manpower, increasing number of passengers behind delays.

Disruptions in the loading and off-loading of baggage at Ben-Gurion International Airport Thursday have led to delays of up to three hours in departures and landings.

According to luggage porters, the disruptions are due to a lack of manpower, as the number of passengers flying in and out of Israel rises as the holidays near.

Director-general of the Israeli Airport Authority, Gabi Ophir, instructed the relevant officials to find a solution immediately.

Over 52 thousand passengers will pass through Ben-Gurion airport Thursday and there are almost no outgoing flights from Israel available in August or September.

During the holiday season, some 25.5 thousand passengers will enter Israel through the airport while 26.5 will depart.

Turkey heads the lists of destinations, as roughly 10 thousand passengers will fill 52 planes a day, including 33 to Anatalia. Second is the United States, where six thousand passengers are expected to fly to on some 20 flights a day. Third is France and Italy is fourth.