Baby Girl Pronounced Dead for Second Time in 24 Hours

Twin girl, born prematurely at week 22, displayed signs of life moments before being buried on Sunday.

A premature baby who showed signs of life moments before being buried on Sunday was pronounced dead for a second time Monday morning.

On Sunday, a woman from the village of Iksal prematurely gave birth to twins at the Italian hospital in Nazareth. The hospital doctors pronounced both twins dead, and released the bodies to the family for burial.

While the parents washed body of the 370 gram girl, they detected signs of life and quickly alerted a medical professional. Dr. Aziz Drawsha, also a resident of Iksal, treated the baby and rushed her to Ha'emek hospital in Afula. In the meantime, the baby's dead twin brother was laid to rest in the village cemetery.

Doctors worked tirelessly to revive the girl overnight, but were unsuccessful. The Italian hospital said in a statement that the stage at which the twins were born, the 22nd week of pregnancy, was not conducive to life and described the birth as a "late abortion."

Afula police launched an investigation into the incident, to determine whether medical negligence had played a role, or perhaps a crime had been committed. The police were planning to question the girl's father and the medical team that treated her.