Arab MK to Dichter: Protect Arab Drivers From Stone Throwing on Yom Kippur

Abbas Zkoor says police fails to thwart 'trend'; Yeshiva students enter Temple Mount on 'mass' pilgrimage.

Ra'am-Ta'al MK Abbas Zkoor asked Public Security Minister Avi Dichter on Tuesday to order the deployment of police around Jewish towns during Yom Kippur, in order to prevent incidents of Jews hurling stones at cars driven by Arabs during the Jewish Day of Atonement.

He also asked Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar to condemn the practice which "surely contravenes the basic principles of the Jewish religion and the Halakha."

Zkoor said that for some years young Jews congregate outside towns and cities on Yom Kippur and "hunt down" Arab drivers passing by. He said they hurl stones indiscriminately, endangering the lives of the passengers.

"Despite numerous complaints filed in police stations, officers were not sent to disperse the racist gatherings? It is tantamount to condoning such behavior," Zkoor said.

Yeshiva students go on "mass" pilgrimage to Temple Mount

Hundreds of Yeshiva students entered the Temple Mount compound on Monday, ahead of Yom Kippur, with the blessing of Rabbis Nahum Rabinovich and Yitzhak Shilat of the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim.

Rabbinical rulings have long banned Jews from entering the Temple Mount, but this prohibition has been relaxed recently by some Religious-Zionist rabbis.

Monday's visit, however, was the first "mass" pilgrimage trip to the Temple Mount, and it had been coordinated with the Jerusalem police in advance.

The public order was reportedly maintained.