Another Netanyahu Maid Sues Over Alleged Underpayment

Unnamed ex-employee to get NIS 20,000 in compensation from PM and agency after suing for NIS 40,000.

Just one month after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ex-housekeeper sued the family over alleged mistreatment and insufficient compensation, another former employee filed a complaint of her own.

The second housekeeper, who could not legally be named in the report which broke on Monday, sued Netanyahu's wife for a sum of NIS 40,000 for allegedly refusing to grant her the compensation she deserved when she concluded her employment.

According to the complainant, the Netanyahus refused to compensate her for overtime nor grant her the severance pay and social benefits she deserved.

The sides eventually reached a compromise on the matter, which will see the Netanyahu family and Mikud, the employment agency involved, pay the employee NIS 20,000.

The first complainant, Lillian Peretz, had charged that Sara Netanyahu had "humiliated" her, occasionally shouting and insisting she change clothes during the working day to meet exacting demands for hygiene around the household. Peretz also sought compensation for underpayment.