Angry Electric Corp Workers Call on Union Representatives to Quit

They failed to represent our interests, workers say after Knesset approves reform of electricity sector

The fact that the Knesset approved the bill to reform the electricity sector last week, was greeted with not a little umbrage among the Israel Electric Corporation staff. In a twist, the workers want to take out their frustrations on their own representatives.

Last week a circular made the rounds among workers, calling on the labor representatives to resign, based on their failure to protect the workers' interests.

The circular originated with Nahman Cohen, the safety manager of the Haifa District. He explained on Sunday that the workers' organization had to acknowledge its mistakes over the last five years, and resign.

The labor committee said in response that the circular is one of a few isolated attempts by a few "frustrated people", and that the labor committee is "strong and stable".

Meanwhile, the Israel Electric Corporation stated that its board of directors and management will do everything in their power to advance negotiations between the parties regarding reform.