Alleged Killers of Israeli-American Teen Indicted for Murder

Adwan Farhan, 34, charged with alleged murder of Dana Bennett and Sylvia Molrowa, a 27-year-old Czech tourist.

The alleged killer of Israeli-American teen Dana Bennett and Sylvia Molrowa, a 27-year-old Czech tourist, was indicted for murder at the Nazareth District Court on Thursday.

Adwan Farhan, 34, of the northern village of Wadi Hamam, was charged with three counts of murder, kidnapping with intent to murder, rape and abduction.

Farhan's ex-girlfriend, whose name was not authorized for publication because she was a minor at the time of the murder, was also indicted for Bennett's murder and an attempt to murder the tourist.

Bennett, then 18, disappeared in Tiberias in 2003. Farhan confessed last month to murdering Bennett and three other people, but later retracted his confession.

Bennett's mother Vicky came to the hearing. After reading the indictment, she said she was aching and sad.

"I wish he will get the verdict he deserves," she said. "I'm ready to see him face to face in court. I'm fully aware of what I'm up against."

Farhan has gone in and out of prison for over a decade. He is currently serving a jail sentence for violent crimes.

Farhan became the prime suspect in the intricate case after Bennett's remains were found last month almost six years after she disappeared.

New "exceptional and valuable" information reached the Valleys Police in April, which police led to a 22-year-old Tiberias woman, a former girlfriend of Farhan who had already been questioned in connection with Bennett's disappearance.

To the detectives' surprise, she accused Farhan in another unsolved murder case, that of Sylvia Molrowa, the Czech tourist. Molrowa's beaten body was found near Tzalmon River in July 2003, less than a month before Bennett's disappearance.

It appears that Farhan and the new witness ran into Molrova while hiking along the Tzalmon River in northern Israel. Farhan allegedly brutally battered the tourist and threw her body in the water.

The witness also described in detail the alleged events leading to Bennett's murder. On August 1, 2003, just after midnight, Farhan and the witness were driving in Tiberias when they spotted Bennett, who had just disembarked from a minibus near her uncle's house.

After much persuasion, the two convinced Bennett to get in the car, and Farhan allegedly battered her to death shortly afterwards.