All Private Flights to Israel to Now Require Anti-hijacking System

"Code Positive," developed by Israel's Elbit Systems, is activated by electronic smartcard.

All private domestic and international flights landing in Israel will be obligated from Wednesday to activate an anti-hijacking security system.

Commercial flights will not be included in the arrangement because of opposition from pilots and airlines, including Israeli national carrier El Al.

"Code Positive," developed by Israel's Elbit Systems, is activated by an electronic smartcard that every pilot will be equipped with.

Leading up to the landing, the smartcard is supposed to broadcast a signal of personal identification from the pilot to a control tower in Beit Dagan, a town close to Ben-Gurion Airport.

Meanwhile, the International Air Transport Association said Wednesday that Israeli airlines meet its security standards.

The announcement comes two weeks after the European Union notified the Transportation Ministry that it would not downgrade the aviation security rating of Israeli airlines.

European aviation authorities announced in February that they were stepping up the safety tests for Israeli air companies. At the time, the international organization monitoring scheduled flights warned that Israeli airlines would soon be forbidden to land in Europe or even to over-fly the continent.