Acre Man Who Killed Himself Was Prime Suspect in Kadita Murder

Bodies of Hadera couple found near Galilee town; police investigating whether deaths were suicide or homicide.

Northern police said Tuesday that Acre man Erez Ben-Ezra, who committed suicide earlier in the day, was a prime suspect in the double murder of a couple in the Galilee town of Kadita.

The bodies of a man and a woman in their forties were discovered shot dead overnight Sunday. Police were investigating whether the incident was a case of a murder-suicide or if a double homicide had taken place.

Police said the suspect's motives for the murder were unclear, as he apparently had no relationship with the victims.

The two bodies were found strewn next to a taxi from central Israel, some three meters apart, in a dirt road within Kadita. A couple returning from a night out spotted the two bodies and notified the authorities.

Magen David Adom emergency medical staff arrived at the scene upon the discovery of the bodies. Paramedic Ronen Ben-Harosh said "we found a man and a woman lying on the ground, their upper bodies covered in blood. There was nothing we could do but pronounce them dead."

Shimon Amsalem, a Kadita resident, said that he saw the two bodies and directed the rescue teams to their location, but "we didn't hear gunshots."

Galilee district police commander Brigadier General Menahem Hever said "this is a very complex crime scene and it is too early to determine what really happened here."