Accident Averted as Russian Jet Misses Landing Strip at Ben Gurion

Aircraft operated by Transaero airline misses landing strip twice; Air traffic controllers forced to redirect Russian aircraft twice; Civil Aviation Authority launches probe.

An accident was narrowly averted at Ben Gurion airport on Tuesday evening after a Russian aircraft missed its landing strip twice.

The plane, which was operated by the Transaero airline, began landing in the direction of the sea, but then the pilot apparently became confused and was directed south by air traffic controllers.

When the plane approached the landing strip a second time, air traffic controllers noticed that the aircraft had again missed the strip; the pilot was redirected for a second time, and then managed to land as planned.

The Civil Aviation Authority has opened an investigation into the incident. The body's chief accident investigator, Yitzhak Raz, said after the near-accident was reported that, "This is not a dangerous incident."