A-G Orders Probe Into neo-Nazi Site Based in Israel

Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein has ordered an investigation against the operators of an Israeli neo-Nazi Internet site in the Russian language, Army Radio reported Monday.

According to Haaretz report last month, the site contains racist comments directed at both Jews and Arabs as well as addresses of stores that sell books on Holocaust denial and neo-Nazi poetry.

The site, whose operators are suspected of incitement to violence, racism and Holocaust denial, also includes a practical suggestion to enlist in the IDF in a combat unit, in order to obtain weapons that should then be used to shoot Arabs.

The site also contains pictures showing the activists of the organization, "The White Israeli Union," some of them in Israel Defense Forces uniforms on the background of army camps and saluting with a raised arm.

The text is divided into sub-sections, including one entitled "Who we are," in which the operators of the site introduce themselves as "Ilya from Haifa and Andrei from Arad." In this section, it is explained that the members of the organization are "people who have pride in themselves and are sick of living among the dirty bastards."

There is also section called "Who our enemies are," which contains an extensive list of "enemies,": Jews, Arabs, immigrants from all Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union, Moroccans and foreign workers.

In the guest forum on the site, other opinions can also be found - for example, that the hatred of Jews should lead to an alliance with the Arabs. There is also a section on rules of conduct for members of the organization, among them respect for parents, but also "not to be miserly, because a miser is a Zhid," a derogatory Russian word for Jew, roughly equivalent to "Kike."

There is also a noticably extensive section of jokes, most of which detail incidents in concentration camps that end badly for Jewish prisoners.