A Compromise at the Passengers' Expense: Airport Fees Rise 70%, but Not for Airlines

The passenger fee will climb from $13 to $21, while the airlines will go up by only 19 percent on average.

If you want to fly, you'll have to pay: Outgoing international passengers at Ben-Gurion Airport will pay the lion's share of the increase in the Israel Airports Authority's new budget.

The fee for outgoing passengers at Terminal 3 will climb by 70 percent, from $13 to $21.70 each. However, the fees paid by the airlines will go up by only 19 percent on average, compared to the IAA's proposed 51 percent increase for the airlines, if a compromise proposed by the director general of the Transportation Ministry, Gideon Siterman, is accepted by the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee at a special session to be held on December 16.

The compromise was reached with the cooperation of the treasury, IAA, foreign airlines and El Al. The committee had rejected the previous proposal to raise rates on foreign airlines more heavily, and postponed the discussion until now.