56 MKs Sign Petition Calling to Raze Home of Mercaz Harav Gunman

Dichter tells parents of victims destroying home would serve as deterrent force, but decision is up to IDF.

Fifty-six members of Knesset on Sunday signed on to a petition calling to demolish the home of a Palestinian gunman who killed eight students at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva last months.

The petition was submitted to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter by David Eldar, whose brother Yehonatan was killed in the attack.

The petition was signed by coalition members, including Ministers Ya'akov Edrey and members of the Shas party.

Dichter himself said that while he was in favor of demolishing the house, ultimately the decision was the Israel Defense Forces' and subject to legal proceedings.

In a meeting with the parents of five of the victims, Dichter said he destroying the home would serve as a deterrent force.

The attacker, East Jerusalem resident Ala Abu Dhaim, walked into the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem in early March and began firing. Eight students were killed and nine others were wounded in the attack. The gunman was also killed.

Following the attack, Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik asked Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to order the demolition of the mourner's tent set up by the family of the terrorist that killed the 8 yeshiva boys last week, as well as the demolition of his family's home.