5 Family Members Killed in Car Accident in the South

Police estimate a truck traveling in the opposite direction lost control and overturned on the family car.

Five people, apparently all members of the same family, were killed Monday in a traffic accident in the Arava, in the eastern Negev.

Police estimate that the family was on its way to the southern tourist town of Eilat when a truck traveling in the opposite direction steered out of its lane and overturned on top of the family's private vehicle.

The car caught alight as a result of the accident and burst into flames, killing all the passengers before rescue services and fire fighters arrived at the scene.

The truck driver sustained light injuries and was transferred to Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva.

"We received reports of the accident on the Arava road from Magen David Adom rescue service and passersby, and located the burning vehicle," said one of the fire fighter who arrived at the scene.

Many accidents have occurred on the windy Arava road, winning it a reputation as a dangerous, accident prone road to travel. Safety experts have claimed that a separation fence should be erected between the two lanes which will prevent these types' deadly accidents, but Israeli policy is to build separation fences on two lane roads alone, and the Arava road has only one lane in each direction.