4,400 More Jobseekers in Israel in November, Up 2.2% From October

Some 69 percent of individuals looking for new jobs were fired from their previous workplace.

The number of Israeli jobseekers increased by 4,400 during November, accounting for a 2.2 percent rise in comparison to October 2008.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics some 16,500 individuals, which are 68.8 percent of the unemployed, are looking for new jobs after having been fired from their previous workplace.

The figures reveal a 10.7-percent rise since October in the number of unemployed university graduates which now reaches 23,600. The total number of jobseekers now stands at 198,400.

Foreign Minister and Kadima chairman Tzipi Livni met with Histadrut chairman Ofer Eini to discuss possible strategies to minimize unemployment that may result from the current world economic crisis.

Livni stated that in this time of crisis, the entire market must cooperate in order to minimize the possible harm to the public. "Government resolutions must be implemented as soon as possible," she said.

Officials assess that in the wake of the financial crisis, the unemployment rate, which currently stands at six percent, will reach eight percent throughout next year.