22-year-old Stabbed to Death During Brawl in Northern Israel

Police suspect 'romantic' motive for killing; two suspects arrested at the scene, third suspect later turns himself in.

A man from the northern Haifa suburb of Kiryat Yam was stabbed to death during the course of a brawl in the nearby town of Kiryat Motzkin late Friday night.

The victim was named as 22-year-old Benny Katz.

Police have arrested two suspects in the stabbing, aged 16 and 34, while a third attacker managed to elude the officers, but later turned himself in. All three suspects have previous police records.

The motives for the stabbing are not yet clear, but police suspect the motive may be "romantic."

Police commander Jamal Hakroush of the Zevulun District told Haaretz that Katz was stabbed as an argument devolved into a physical altercation. Eyewitnesses said that the men had been arguing since Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, a 20-year-old Eritrean national was stabbed to death in Eilat. Police suspect two Ethiopian immigrants, both Eilat residents, of perpetrating the murder.

An argument erupted between the victim and the suspects before dawn Saturday, at the culmination of which the stabbing occurred. The victim was evacuated in critical condition to the hospital, where he succumbed to his wounds.

Police have arrested the two suspects, both 25, after civilians who happened upon the scene kept them from fleeing while waiting for the police.