2008 Crime Report: Fewer Thefts, More Homicides

In total there was a six percent drop in the number of reported crimes in 2008.

Israel's Police Chief David (Dudi) Cohen presented Tuesday a crime report for 2008.

The report indicates an increase of 14 percent in juvenile delinquency in comparison to 2007 as well as the number of homicide cased, which rose from 118 in 2007 to 122 in 2008.

However, the report also shows a decrease of 24 percent in the number of auto thefts in comparison to 2006, and more drug related arrests that were made.

In total, 419,837 crimes were reported to the police throughout 2008, which accounts for a six percent drop in comparison to 2007. The report also indicated that there was a lower number of burglaries and cases of mugging.