2 Weeks After Jewish-Arab Riots, Acre Mayor Vows 'No One Will Spoil Our City'

Shimon Lankri tells Jewish worshippers at synagogue: Acre will belong to us forever and ever.

The mayor of the northern city of Acre addressed a crowd at a synagogue in the city Tuesday, saying "Acre belongs to us, and will remain ours forever and ever."

Shimon Lankri spoke to a crowd of Jewish worshippers on Simhat Torah, two weeks after violent clashes between the city's Jewish and Arab residents raged for five days over Yom Kippur.

"We won't allow anyone touch our city," Lankri went on to say, at Acre's Kaf Haim synagogue. "There are people who want to spoil it, but we won't let them. We will protect our city, because it is dear to us and to the people of Israel," he added.

"Acre will continue marching forward, despite our enemies," Lankri continued. The mayor's remarks were met with enthusiastic applause and cheers from the crowd.

The host of the holiday event also addressed the enthused crowd. "Let's not let what happened on Yom Kippur break us. We won't let them. We won't let them," he shouted.

Last week, the Haifa District Court released into house arrest Tawfik Jamal, the Arab driver who drove into a Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur, sparking the riots.