2 Children, 1 Senior Citizen Die in Separate Fires Across Israel

Man in his 80s found dead after Bedouin village fire; two children died in house fires earlier Saturday.

A man in his 80s died in a fire on Saturday evening in a Bedouin village between Yeroham and Machtesh Ramon.

Firefighters and Magen David Adom emergency crews arrived at the scene and discovered his body in the course of their search.

The elderly man is the third victim of deadly fires in Israel on Saturday. Earlier in the day, two children, a 6-year-old girl from Hadera, identified as Ana Baruch, and a 12-year-old boy from Lod, were also killed.

Eyewitnesses to the Hadera fire have cast doubt on the fire brigade's efficiency in handling the blaze in an apartment building on Saturday that killed 6-year-old Baruch and seriously injured her father.

Neighbors said that the crew wasted twenty precious minutes before they managed to unfold the turntable ladder and rescue the victim and her father, who stood at the balcony crying for help.

The girl was eventually evacuated in a critical condition, and died in a Magen David Adom medical services intensive care unit on her way to hospital.

Hadera Fire Brigade and police are investigating its cause, together with police.

Earlier on Saturday, a 12-year-old boy from Lod died after a shack adjacent to his home caught fire.

The Ayalon Fire Brigade arrived at Hativat Yiftach Street in the city early Saturday morning, but could not find any victims. Only later it emerged that the boy, who was critically injured, had been trapped inside.

MDA crews rushed to the scene but were unable to save his life.