2,200 People Require Medical Treatment During Yom Kippur

50 people faint while fasting, 102 women go into labor and 162 children get hurt in streets.

Magen David Adom emergency medical service treated 2,200 people during the course of Yom Kippur, which ended Monday evening. No extraordinary events were reported, but emergency medical personnel were kept busy with various injuries throughout the 25-hour holy day.

According to MDA data, 50 people fainted while fasting and 16 people required resuscitation. 102 pregnant women were taken to hospitals for delivery and 162 children were treated for injuries related to bicycling, skateboarding and rollerskating on the empty streets.

Prior to the beginning of the fast, 38 people were hurt in 18 traffic accidents across the country Sunday.

A 26-year-old man was seriously hurt on Monday when he fell off his bicycle on Har-Zion Street in Tel Aviv. The man, who was riding without a helmet and sustained serious head injuries, was taken to Ichilov hospital for treatment. A Ramat Gan man, 30, overturned with his bicycle and was also taken to Ichilov for treatment.

A 60-year-old deaf man from Tel Aviv did not hear the calls of his neighbors when his building caught fire. The man was evacuated from the building after having suffered smoke inhalation.

During the course of Yom Kippur, tensions were high in Jerusalem. On Sunday, clashes broke out between Israeli police and Palestinians at the Temple Mount after Muslim worshippers began hurling stones at a group of Jewish visitors. Fifteen Palestinians were taken to hospital in East Jerusalem following the incident, all of them suffering injuries resulting from stone throwing on the streets of the Old City. Seventeen police officers were also wounded in the clashes.

On Sunday evening, Palestinians hurled firebombs at police officers at the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya. Dozens of protesters set tires alight and positioned them at the entrance of the village. Five police officers sustained minor injuries and one of them was treated at a hospital. Two firebombs were also thrown at Jewish homes in the village of Silwan. One exploded, but no one was hurt.