190 Cows Die at Kibbutz Eyal in Accidental Pesticide Poisoning

Farm workers meant to spray shed against ticks, flies; financial damage estimated at NIS 5 million.

One hundred ninety cows were accidentally poisoned to death at Kibbutz Eyal in the Sharon region on Sunday, after their shed was sprayed with prohibited pesticides.

Kibbutz officials said that the unfortunate incident was a result of a misunderstanding among employees who meant to spray the shed with pesticides to kill off ticks and flies.

The toxins' effects became apparent immediately and within a few hours the cows had all died.

Half the carcasses have been transferred to a special quarantine unit at Ein Hamifratz in the western Galilee.

The dairy council was forced to destroy some 6,000 liters of contaminated milk.

Kibbutz Eyal's farmers said the cows were of excellent quality and that the financial damage was estimated at about NIS 5 million.

Kibbutz officials said that the livestock facilities were fully insured.