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The Hungarian team for the 18th Maccabiah

Rabbi for U.S. team at 18th Maccabiah addresses the athletes

18th Maccabiah official trailer

18th Maccabiah: Special Supplement

The ties that bond The Maccabiah is a reminder of how Jews and Israelis are becoming increasingly prominent and successful in the world of sports. By Simon Spungin

Taking one for the team It's like sports: Jews immigrate to Israel to become a member of the national side By Bradley Burston

Golden envoy Back as a boy in New Jersey, Michael Oren thought rowing would get him in shape for the IDF. He was wrong, but at least Israel's new ambassador to Washington wound up with a few Maccabiah medals By Jerrold Kessel

'Time to move on' Some 34 survivors of the '97 Maccabiah disaster - when a bridge over the Yarkon River collapsed, killing four and injuring dozens of Australian athletes - will be attending the 18th Games. Among them are children of the victims, and a record-breaking golfer By Dan Goldberg

The politics of sports Athletes and politicians inevitably play mixed doubles By Nir Wolf

Zionist poster boys Organizers of the Maccabiah Games made clever use of graphics to forge an image of the strong, nationalist 'new Jew' - who contrasted sharply with his puny Diaspora cousin By David Rapp

The world is their oyster Israeli athletes have graced European teams for some time, but the growing globalization of sport also has its downside By Uzi Dann

Root, root, root against the homeland Immigrants to Israel face the dilemma of pulling against their native country during large sporting events like the Maccabiah. But a number of athletes who've hung up old jerseys for the blue and white say there's nothing better than beating the pants off old teammates By Steve Klein

Hometown disadvantage While I admit that my aliyah was relatively painless, I am still part of a small, unsung band of Zionists who are the sporting victims of our own idealism By Simon Spungin

They came, they played, they stayed Hundreds of Jewish athletes who have come to participate in the Maccabiah have taken the Games' message to heart - and the next logical step was aliyah By Elli Wohlgelernter

A medal in every pot Ethiopian-born runner Ymar Getahun, and his coach Abebe Gessese, are helping to preserve their birth country's special place in Israeli athletics By Nurit Wurgaft

Beach paddle battle No one even knows the origins of matkot, but devotees are sure it is deserving of Olympic recognition By Shay Fogelman

Not-so-virtual athletes Computer games are real sports, as far as Israel's top gamers are concerned. Purses at international tournaments can reach $100,000 and millions tune in to watch By Oded Yaron

Out of one, many A dentist who played in the 1961 Maccabiah Games decided to start a tennis center. Little did he know Israel would become a mini-power in the sport with 14 such facilities By Rami Hipsh

Bringing the Maccabiah to the masses Several special events, open to the public, will bring together Israelis and international athletes By Daniel Ben-Tal

The nostalgia of an armchair sports fan It is a pleasure to relive those days when all the world was against us and yet we prevailed By Michael Handelzalts

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