10-year-old Afula Boy Suspected of Extorting Classmates

Victims extorted younger children in order to meet monetary demands of chief extortionist.

Afula police are investigating suspicions that a 10-year-old boy extorted fellow students - between the ages of eight and ten - at an Afula elementary school.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the extorted students paid dozens of New Israeli Shekels in protection money after they were threatened by the young extortionist, and then extorted younger children in order to meet the monetary demands of the chief extortionist.

During his investigation, the young suspect admitted to the allegations against him and also confessed to stealing computers from the school lab. Some of the loot was found when police searched the boy's home.

A police spokesperson said the because of the criminal's tender age, he cannot be held capable, and the case will be transferred to the welfare authorities.