News in Brief

Probe supports MDA decision not to force actor with stroke into hospital

A Health Ministry inquiry has found that the Magen David Adom ambulance service was right not to take actor Doron Nesher to the hospital after he had a stroke in late August. The inquiry confirmed the paramedics' account that Nesher, 58, refused to be removed from his bed, even though they spent two hours in his home on Moshav Sde Warburg calling police, a family doctor, the district psychiatrist and an MDA doctor in an effort to convince him to enter the ambulance. The inquiry found that Nesher had the mental capacity to make a decision, meaning that it would have been illegal to take him to a hospital against his will. He was ultimately brought to the hospital by his family and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. (Dan Even)

Psychiatric hospital shut down a month after alleged patient abuse exposed

The Neveh Yaakov psychiatric hospital in Petah Tikva was shut down by the Health Ministry on Monday. Seventy-six employees at the private hospital were arrested a month ago on suspicion of abusing patients. Most of the patients in the hospital's private ward have been moved public psychiatric hospitals and the rest have been moved to other treatment facilities. There were 155 patients at Neveh Yaakov at the time of the arrests. (Dan Even)