News in Brief

Two murdered in Sharon-region attacks

An Eritrean migrant is suspected of murdering a woman, who was apparently his niece, in Netanya early on Saturday and then killing himself. After neighbors on Ahad Ha'am Street heard screaming, they alerted police, who arrived with an emergency medical crew. They found the man, who was in his 30s, and the woman, about 25. She had been stabbed repeatedly in her upper torso; he was stabbed in the heart. Meanwhile, Saber Ju'azi, a 22-year-old resident of the Sharon region town of Kalansua, was shot to death by automatic weapon fire on Friday in his hometown, while sitting in a car. A 15-year-old male passenger was moderately injured. Police think the incident may be a case of mistaken identity and that the intended target may have been a relative of Ju'azi's. (Yaniv Kubovich )

Jerusalem opera festival gets encore

The second International Opera Festival will be held at Jerusalem's Sultan's Pool in September. In light of the success of last year's festival, which drew 12,000 spectators, the Jerusalem municipality has decided to repeat the event. The festival is a coproduction of the Israeli Opera and the Jerusalem Development Authority, in cooperation with the Prime Minister's Office. The aim of the festival is to put Jerusalem on the international music-tourism map. It was moved to September in order to coincide with the prestigious Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, directed by Elena Bashkirova and held at the YMCA Jerusalem concert hall. (Haggai Hitron )