News in Brief

IDF kills member of Islamic Jihad

An Israeli air strike last night killed at least one member of an Islamic Jihad launch team preparing to fire rockets. The strike came in retaliation for a rocket fired toward Ashkelon Friday night that caused no injuries. On Thursday Islamic Jihad fired at Defense Ministry employees working on the border fence. Israel returned fire and killed two militants. IDF officials say that while they don't believe Islamic Jihad seeks an escalation, they expect militants to continue sporadic attacks. (Anshel Pfeffer)

Shalit undergoes operation to remove shrapnel from arm

Released Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit underwent a two-and-a-half-hour operation on Friday to remove metal fragments from his arm and elbow. The metal had been lodged in Shalit's body since 2006 when his tank was attacked and he was taken captive by Hamas. Shalit was due to be released from Rambam Medical Center in Haifa last night. The director of hand surgery there, Shalom Shtahl, said Shalit is in good physical condition. Shtahl said previously that Shalit suffered pain and that his ability to move his hand had been considerably affected. (Jack Khoury)

David Grossman wins French lit. prize

Israeli author David Grossman has won French literary award the Prix Medicis etranger for his book "To the End of the Land." The award is for the year's best book published in translation. Grossman triumphed over a field that included Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" and Steve Sem-Sandberg's "The Emperor of Lies." (Maya Sela)