News in Brief

High-school tests deferred due to fightingThe Education Ministry has postponed the first two matriculation exams scheduled for this winter due to the fighting in the south. The exams, in Jewish oral law for Orthodox public schools, and in Arabic for Druze students, were to have been held in mid-January. Instead, they will be held for all students on February 17 and February 19, respectively. The ministry is also conducting tutorials for students in the south in school shelters or other protected buildings. If the army prohibits such gatherings, the tutorials may be moved to the center of the country. Students will also be able to phone in questions to teachers manning a hot line. (Or Kashti)

Gaza clashes have airport bolstering securityBen-Gurion International Airport has increased the number of security personnel patrolling the area due to the fighting in Gaza, a top airport security official said yesterday. The official said the personnel were keeping a "low profile" so as not to frighten employees of foreign airlines or passengers. Meanwhile, border crossings such as the Taba, Allenby and Jordan River terminals have seen a drop in the number of travelers, said the Israel Airports Authority, which is responsible for those terminals. (Zohar Blumenkrantz)

Anarchists indicted for protest at IAF baseSixteen members of the left-wing group Anarchists Against the Wall were indicted yesterday over an antiwar protest Friday at the entrance to an Israel Air Force base in Sde Dov. The charges included unauthorized entry into a military site, illegal assembly, disturbing a police officer and unruliness after being ordered to disperse. The activists spilled red paint over their white clothing and blocked the base by lying on the ground while holding the signs: "The blood of children is on your hands." (Ofra Edelman)

Nightclub owner indicted for raping, assaulting two womenThe owner of two Tel Aviv nightclubs, a sado-masochism club and a swinger club, was indicted yesterday on charges of rape, sodomy and indecent assault. According to the indictment filed in the Tel Aviv District Court, Roni Galili, 51, of Ramat Gan invited two women to his clubs, one last September and one last November, and proceeded to violently rape them. One of the women was someone he had briefly had an affair with. The other was someone he met over the Internet. ?(Ofra Edelman?)

Court slams Channel 10 for overstepping media boundaryThe Tel Aviv Magistrate?s Court yesterday lambasted a Channel 10 television program that led to 18 indictments for pedophilia. ?In a democratic state, the media must do its job with ethical professionalism: It must report the news without creating it,? wrote Judge Dorit Reich-Shapiro in a decision sentencing a man convicted due to the show. Channel 10?s investigative reporters pretended to be 13-year-old girls on Internet chat rooms. They were contacted by 18 men who engaged in crude sexual conversations or indecent acts via webcam and sent them pornographic material. All 18 also set up up meetings with the ?girls,? and when they arrived, they were arrested on camera, by prior arrangement with the police. ?(Ofra Edelman?)

Labor wins mock vote in high schoolBoosted by the ongoing army operation in Gaza, the Labor Party won yesterday?s mock election at Herzliya?s Yuval High School with 30.4 percent of the vote. Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu tied for second place with 17 percent each, while Kadima won a mere 7.4 percent − possibly because it was the only party that refused to send a representative to talk with the 11th- and 12th-grade voters. At a mock election in Ra?anana?s Aviv High School two weeks ago, before the Gaza operation began, Kadima won with 29 percent of the vote, followed by Likud with 22 percent, while Labor trailed with 12 percent. ?(Roni Singer-Heruti?)

Ministry investigating leaks from police probe of LiebermanThe Justice Ministry has begun investigating leaks to the media from a police probe of Yisrael Beiteinu chairman MK Avigdor Lieberman, the ministry told the High Court of Justice yesterday. Lieberman had petitioned the court in March to ask it to order such an investigation. He was particularly incensed by the publication of huge chunks of an internal police report on the status of the probe against him. Yesterday?s announcement represents a U-turn for the ministry, which told the court two months ago that investigating the leaks was pointless and had no chance of success. However, the justices advised it at that hearing to reconsider its position, and it duly did so. ?(Tomer Zarchin?)

Court fines Castro NIS 130,000The Tel Aviv Magistrate?s Court fined fashion retailer Castro Model, along with its CEO and one of its subsidiaries, a total of NIS 130,000 yesterday for misleading customers about clothing prices. Castro Model and Castro Marketing ?(1985?) Ltd. were fined NIS 50,000 each, and their CEO and director, Gabriel Rotter, was fined NIS 30,000 for selling clothing without price tags and listing prices in foreign currency instead of shekels. The court also ordered the companies and Rotter to commit not to mislead consumers the same way for the next three years. ?(Ofra Edelman?)

?Survivor? moves to SaturdayChannel 10 has decided to move its reality show ?Survivor: Pearl Islands? from its Friday slot to Saturday. It will continue to be aired on Wednesdays as well. The show?s ratings have gone down since this second ?Survivor? series took the Friday slot two weeks ago. The Saturday ?Survivor? broadcast will be followed by ?Mahdurat Hashevet,? hosted by Eden Harel, which will include interviews with contestants dismissed from the reality show and discuss topics connected to its second season. ?(Ruta Kupfer?)

Motorcyclist tosses stun grenade into Tel Aviv Subaru agencyAn unidentified motorcyclist threw a stun grenade into Subaru distributors Japanauto-Israel Auto Corp. on Hamasger Street in Tel Aviv while the place was packed yesterday, causing no injuries. Police suspect the incident was not terror-related, and are investigating several possibilities. A Subaru site in Ashdod owned by former soccer player Haim Revivo has been the site of a similar attack. ?(Daniel Schmil?)