News in Brief

Allen John, also known as Mohammed Giat, was indicted yesterday for attempting to sell a baby. According to the indictment, filed in the Haifa District Court just six months after the 60-year-old John was convicted of illegal organ trading, he rented an apartment for a pregnant women in 2006 and offered to find someone to adopt her baby. He then published an advertisement in the newspaper, and when contacted, demanded $20,000 for the baby. He is also charged with posing as a representative of foreign universities and selling fraudulent degrees to Arabs students and civil servants.

A 58-year-old man was sentenced to 16 months in jail yesterday for beating and threatening his wife of 30 years. The Nazareth District Court found that one night while his wife was sleeping, he jumped on her, knelt on her chest and began punching her, including in her face and neck. Her injuries were severe enough that she had to be hospitalized for four days. The man also threatened to kill her. The beating was apparently in response to a quarrel that erupted because the woman suspected her husband of having an affair.

Raphael Yohiav was sentenced to 15 years in jail yesterday for raping, sodomizing, imprisoning and seriously injuring a 23-year-old prostitute who ultimately fled his third-floor apartment by jumping from the balcony. The Haifa District Court also ordered him to pay her NIS 30,000 in compensation. Yohiav, 41, of Haifa hired the prostitute last April. When she arrived at his apartment, however, he promptly hit her in the head with an ax, tied her hands behind her back and repeatedly raped and sodomized her all night long. Shortly before dawn, while his attention was momentarily distracted, she went out to the balcony and jumped, resulting in serious injuries.

Animal rights activists plan to demonstrate against the use of fur at Tel Aviv's Kikar Hamedina on Friday, under the banner "Worldwide Fur Free Friday." The protest is timed to coincide with similar activities in another 100 cities around the world, in an attempt to raise awareness to what organizers describe as the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals killed for their fur. The organizers of the Israeli event noted that fur is back in many winter fashion collections. (Rivi Ronen)