New Winter Front Makes Its Way to Israel

Another bout of stormy weather raises hopes of snow for Mount Hermon, the Galilee, and possibly Jerusalem.

Another spate of cold, rainy weather is on the way. Snow is forecast for Wednesday night for Mount Hermon and peaks in the Galilee, and possibly for high elevations in central Israel, including Jerusalem. The wintry conditions will persist until Saturday.

Meteo-Tech meteorologic service says strong winds from Sinai will bring haze and sandstorms to southern Israel Tuesday. Rain will begin falling in the north this afternoon, spreading to the center tonight.

Hermon snow - Kfir Banin - Jan. 22, 2012
Kfir Banin

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The rain will continue in the north and center of the country Wednesday, accompanied by a drop in temperature of between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.

The cold snap, which comes to us from Russia, is expected to bring snow late Wednesday night. In addition to Mount Hermon other high-altitude areas in the Golan Heights, and also in the Galilee, will see some accumulation. Mountains in the center of the country, including Jerusalem, could also get precipitation of the white kind.

The cold spell will peak on Thursday. Snow will continue to fall on Mount Hermon and the northern Golan Heights, with a chance of snow in the center of the country.

Earlier this month, Israelis flocked to the north to see the snow on Mount Meron and other Galilee peaks. The snowfall in the northern Golan caused the temporary closure of some area roads and gave some children there a one-day vacation from school.

The precipitations brought a significant, 16-centimeter rise in the level of Lake Kinneret.

However, Jerusalemites' hopes for their share of the white stuff were washed away in nothing more than heavy rain and a bit of hail.